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Our mares need little introduction, they speak for themselves. All of our mares are purebred Shire horses, registered with the Shire Horse Society England. Their bloodlines can be traced back many generations to old and well know horses. We are very proud of them all.  

In 2009 we imported Stonemoor Silver Lady from England after searching for the right mare to bring in. This photo was taken when she competed at Peterborough a few of years ago. I am so pleased with her, she has a lovely personality and is a very gentle mare. She has settled in well and is a true example of a perfect Shire mare. She is very easy to work with and is willing to do what we ask of her.

Ddrydwy Bombers Beauty,  is the youngest shire to be imported into Australia, she was imported with her dam (Stonemoor Silver Lady) at 4 months of age. Beauty has grown a lot since arriving at Luscombe. She will be a teriffic asset to our stud for many years to come.


Cedars Natasha Shire Horse

Cedars Natasha was, during her show career our most awarded show mare. She is a purebred Shire mare with her sire and dam both being imported from England. She has great movement and is very elegant.

One of her foals, Luscombe Joy has done very well at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. In 2007 she won the mare class, beating two imported English Shire mares to take out that honour. We are very proud of her.

Shire Mare
Middlecott Victoria (IMP UK) (left) and Cedars Annabella (right)

These  mares were the Grand Old Mares of Luscombe, sadly both have passed now due to old age. They remain the largest and heaviest Shire mares to have walked on Australian soil.

Cedars Annabella was a purebred Shire mare, as well as being a very large and heavy mare, in her prime she stood 18 hands and weighed more than one tonne. Her sire and dam both were imported from England as part of the group of Shires responsible for reintroducing the Shire back into Australia. She is the dam of Luscombe Nodram, the tallest horse in the world. Annabella had a wonderful temprement and enjoyed our company. She was broken to pull logs and the slide, which she did with ease. She could also cover the ground at breakneck speed, often making me wonder if I should stand my ground or jump out of the way when she was coming down the hill.

Middlecott Victoria was imported in foal in 1996 from New Zealand. She was exported from England a few years prior, to form part of Shireland NZ, along with 16 other English imported Shires. While in NZ she had 3 fillies. When we purchased her, after long discussions with her previous owners, she was in foal the the English imported Shire Stallion, Ruskington Harvester.  She produced a colt foal, who became our resident stallion Luscombe Whats Wanted. When she was living in England she won many local shows competing in the led classes as well as decoreted harness classes. While not ridden much, I used to sit on her and she would take me for a tour around the paddock with no saddle or bridle. When she did not feel like a ride she would promptly take me to the gate and stay there.

Shire Mare

Aldreth Lady Jane (IMP UK)

Aldreth Lady Jane was imported from England as a 6 month old foal in 1986. She produced foals which were strong and traditionally Shire in build. Jane sire came from a Shire stud that has been breeding Shires for over 200 years. It was by accident that we found out about Jane being for sale, once we saw her though, we knew she had to come and live with us.

She had a gread life here at Luscombe, and produced lovely foals. Jane was 23 when she died, a good age for shires. She loved food and was the boss of the paddock even though she was the smallest mare we owned.