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We are very please to be able to stand our stallion “Ted” at stud. Ted is the only grey Shire stallion in Australia and is a purebred Shire stallion registered with the Shire Horse Society UK. Ted's Dam was imported in foal with him and was our English Imported mare Middlecott Victoria, his sire was the black English Shire stallion Ruskington Harvester.

Ted can trace his ancestry in an unbroken line to one of the breeds foundation stallions, Lincolnshire Lad II, who was born in 1870. He was said to be "the father of the Shire Horse Stud  Book". Like Ted this stallion was also grey. You can view Teds bloodline at 

Ted remains the only Shire stallion in Australia to have ever sired a Shire foal born by embryo transfer. This involved shipping Teds semen to NSW where the Shire mare Ingleside Kaitlyn was inseminated. Then 5 days later the embryo was flushed out and inseminated into the thoroughbred mare. The pregnancy was successful and a healthy Shire colt was born.

Ted is a proven breeder and stands at stud for a service fee of $1,000 using chilled and frozen semen. Ted’s semen has been successfully sent to QLD, NSW, VIC, SA, WA and  Tasmania . All times resulting in the births of healthy foals.

Ted has wonderful confirmation. He has plenty of feet, bone and feather. He stands 18 hands and has the longest mane, forelock and tail of any Shire in Australia .

Ted is also proving to produce quality foals when he is crossed with light mares. He has also been used to cover Percherons with success, producing teriffic draught horses.

His foals are normally sold prior to weaning, sometimes prior to birth. They inherit his calm and gentle nature. Ted truly is a terrific example of the Shire horse and is the gentlest of the Gentle Giants. He passes his great disposition onto his foals

Ted has proven to be popular in the showring too. He draws a crowd wherever he goes. Ted has been shown since he was a foal and has won many Championships.

His awards include:

Gatton Heavy Horse Field Days QLD, Ted was many times Supreme Champion Shire. He was also All Breeds Supreme Led Exhibit for two consecutive years.

Toowoomba Royal Show, QLD, Ted has won the heavy horse classes here twice and was also awarded the Supreme Champion Heavy Horse of the show.

Sydney Royal Easter Show, NSW, Ted won the 2 year old Shire class on his first trip to Sydney .

Beenleigh Show, QLD, Ted has won the colt class at this show twice.

Ted is a very versatile stallion; he lives in the paddock with his son Magnus as his companion and is the babysitter to our weaned foals. He has a superb temperament and is a real joy to have around.

Ted has also been used in Natural Horsemanship clinics with the renown team from Quantum Savvy. Where they have had him jumping barrels at liberty and being ridden with no saddle or bridle as well as demonstrating many other activities.

Ted was born jet black but over the years he has slowly turned white.


Shire Stallion


Shire Stallion



Ddrydwy Drayhorse Ace of Spades

Over the years I have had my eye on this beautiful stallion, Ddrydwy Drayhorse Ace of Spades, who lives in England.  A couple of years ago we imported frozen semen from this outstanding stallion. He stands 18 hands and is black as coal, with 4 white feet and a blaze. Ace as he is known, was used extensively in harness for weddings and funerals as well as being ridden. He is a great alrounder with plenty of bone and a great temprement to match. We eagerly await foals from this handsome stallion. He is a proven sire with many great foals on the ground in the UK and some in Europe.